Brandon Hoyback

Director, Football Operations


My name is Brandon and my wife’s name is Allison.  We have three children: Blake (9), Caroline (8) and Brooke (6).  Our adventure into full time ministry started with a call from the Lord to be part of a church planting team in Split, Croatia.  In the fall of 2002 we packed up their things, said good-bye to our friends, family and the church we had been faithfully serving, in Dallas, and headed to Split, Croatia.

I, Brandon, started out my work in Croatia with junior high and high school youth groups.  To this point there had been no youth group meetings of any kind in the whole city.  I continued to work with this age group, but also helped out with the church’s college and sports ministries.  I helped coach basketball teams on which the students I was ministering to, played.  I was set in as the senior leader in 2004.   During this time I was also put in charge of the non-profit café, Global Café, our team had opened.  It was a great place to have students come to in order to get to know them and then invite them to various spiritual and non-spiritual activities that took place at the café.  Through the Lord blessing my efforts, the youth group is still going strong, even though we have recently relocated back to the States.

We are now living in the Houston area and I am working as full-time campus minister on the campus of the University of Houston.  Our extreme love for college students and our heart for the nations led us to partnering with Bridges International. Bridges International is Christian student ministry which seeks to serve international students through activities, social networking and spiritual resources. My wife and I are also helping to pioneer a church plant, Mission24, on the University of Houston campus. 

I am involved in HiS PRINT because I have a deep passion to reach the nations with the gospel and forever change the destiny of youth around the world.  I believe, and have personally experienced, that the starting point in a relationship with the Lord often starts through the relationships establish by believers and not-believers.  Through loving and serving those who do not yet know Christ, doors are opened up, walls are torn down, which lead them to ask why questions.  Why do you behave the way you do?  Why are you here? Etc.  Finally, I am compelled by the love of Jesus Christ to help fulfill the Great Commission in Matt 28:19, to go into all nations and share the good news of Jesus Christ.  He did it…Let’s do it!